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About Us

Save the world!

Custom Prints is a printing company with a rich history of design, printing and production. The company is in existence for close on two decades and has

notched up some huge brand name companies and events. The company’s repertoire of services expands and transcends the printing industry intrinsically

linking the design, concept development and visual art part of their core service strategy. The tapestry of services allows Custom Prints to offer clientele

turnkey solutions to a broad spectrum of the market servicing the walk-in client to major corporates and all events, large and small scale. Custom Prints

skills are in service solutions in marketing, branding and eventing from concept development in design, layout, printing, installation with on-site and after

sales services. The company prides itself on their ability and skills to offer an impeccable service in the best delivery turnaround times.

Our Mission

Custom Prints mission is to strive to engage and empower young individuals with an innate creative sense through offering them a place to learn and grow their talent and develop it into a marketable skill set.

We are extremely dedicated to the upliftment of these talented individualswho are disadvantaged due to lack of resources and capital to further and better themselves.

Our Vision

Our vision at Custom Prints is expand our areas of service. Our growth strategy year on year is to add on a new service skill with new technologies and techniques in design, printing and reproduction, enhancing our market share.

The goal is to conceptualize and patent our own products and export our products and services. We have embarked on our growth strategy by diversifying into designing and building of exhibition stands as part of the company’s first phase of the vision.

Our Pledge

Our pledge is to always keep in mind the environment and the effects that the print industry has on climate change and global warming.

We pledge our support to always use environmentally friendly products and to dispose of inks and fabrics in a responsible manner which will have the least harm on the environment.


Clients who trust us.